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The integration of a computerized system of bookkeeping (Quick Books) with a paper (and/or electronic) filing system create efficiencies on which a small business may grow and prosper.  This website introduces the systems on which we will expand when we put them to use in your small business.

At this point in the development of electronic accounting, some of the information in Quick Books comes from paper documents, from which the information is input into Quick Books.  Paper bills are entered; Sales Orders are entered from client purchase orders; Estimates are entered from sales representatives written estimates.   All of these functions may be accomplished without paper.  The choices of how to allow paper or electronic data to flow may determine the very success or failure of certain businesses and exert a tremendous influence on the profit or loss of most businesses today.  jimmyisrael.net helps you, the small business entrepreneur make the choices that will bring you immediate maximum profit while we schedule when and how your business will create additional economies with cutting edge accounting and productivity technologies.