jimmyisrael.net (see biography for Jimmy Israel below) offers the small business affordable, dependable and complete Office Management, Bookkeeping and Human Resources administration.  The advantages to the small business are: 

  • No payroll costs for Office Management, Bookkeeping and Human Resources personnel

    • 7.65% Employer’s Federal Social Security Tax

    • 0.80% Employer’s Federal Unemployment Tax (First $7,000/year)

    • 1.50% to 6.50% Employer’s State Unemployment Tax (First $7,000/year)

    • $ 0.25/$100 of Payroll for Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

    • $700 per year for Payroll computation and Form Filing Compliance

  • Expert setup, cleanup and/or maintenance of your Bookkeeping using Quick Books and Excel.

  • Timely response to Federal and State questionnaires, surveys, investigations and other Human Resources documents.

  • Creation of systems that lead into the smooth running of office, bookkeeping and human resources functions of the small business

  • Coverage of Telephone and “in person” reception of clients

  • Periodic and complete Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet statements and recommendations for cutting costs and increasing income

  • Schedules available that include evenings and weekends

  • Courtesy, Amiability, Availability, Accessibility, Orderliness, Systematic, Reliable and Trustworthy

Biography for Jimmy Israel

Jimmy Israel's entrepreneurial career has come full circle:

  • Begun with his  Father at age 11, Retail-Wholesale lumber and plywood, Income Tax Preparation, Real Estate Purchase and Management

  • Founded Motion Picture Supply Company (Wholesale)

  • Master Lessor for 10,000 square foot building in Hollywood (10 Years)

  • Worked at highest levels of motion picture production in Europe (writer-producer)

  • Fascinated with computing, returned to do a Masters in Computer Science.

  • Setup Service as a general computer consultant (Grass Valley, Santa Barbara).

  • An Owner-Client asked him to work beside the owner-client as second in command at the owner-client's video equipment sales operation in Santa Monica.

  • Managing all aspects of that business, we created an accounting system, that was instrumental in allowing the company to grow from a $2.2 million dollar company to a $5 million dollar company within a ten month period.

  • Designed financial systems for many companies to support accounting and business efficiency, customizing Intuit’s Quick Books, Microsoft Office and Symantec WinFaxPro. These businesses include businesses in many industries such as a Fine Artists’ Agency, an auto body and mechanical repair business, a chiropractic office, real estate investment and interior design.

  • Certified in Quick Books Pro

  • Train Owners/key personnel to use software productively and/or do it for them. 

Jimmy speaks fluent French (the most fluent), Spanish and Portuguese.  

Jimmy is a published poet and short story writer, professional screen writer and a polished public speaker.  

"My passion is for family, singing, swimming, golf, literary type motion pictures, health, compassion and peace within."

"Goodness, right action, compassion, a positive, patient attitude are what I follow."

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