Software That Acts Like People Think.

Intuit’s Quick Books provides a comprehensive bookkeeping solution for small business and, with its Enterprise Solutions Edition, raises the bar for bookkeeping software packages for multi-million dollar small businesses.  Quick Books is an intuitive piece of software that most users work with in a comfortable manner.

We feel that the reason Intuit's products have captured more than 90 % of the market for small business accounting is because Intuit has constucted software that acts like people think. 

Accounting begins with a list of accounts where money coming in (e.g. income, equity investment) and money going out (e.g. expenses, draws) will be accumulated.  Quick Books continues with that one concept, creating lists of every other element in accounting/bookkeeping (e.g. Vendors, Customers, Items, Terms). 

Processes have been created for Quick Books that are parallel across lists.  Merging list elements, creating sublist elements, giving types of elements  in a list the same attributes are a few of these processes that act the same way in most (or all) lists.  The processes themselves have an "Intuitive" quality that helps to clarify and illuminate the tasks of keeping the books and of accounting for where the money goes and how it comes in.