Financials Systems Questionnaire

A Beginning List of Questions to Answer (Not In Depth).  Please print this out, answer the questions herein and call me for a free 30 minute telephone consultation.  We could determine the value of our work on your books and administrative systems.

What Systems Contribute to Clean and Cost-Effective Bookkeeping? 

1.  What type of business do you run?

    1. Please describe in detail



    2. Is it a service or a product type business?

      2.  Do you use a computer application (program) that is unique to your business?

      a.      What is the program? 

      b.     What version do you use? 

      c.      What does the program do for you?

                       i.  Does it produce Estimates?

                      ii.  Does it produce Invoices?

                     iii.  Does it produce Purchase Orders?

                     iv.  Does it produce Statements?

                     v.  Which of these documents is necessary for your business? 

                     vi.  Is it capable of bookkeeping (to Profit or Loss and Balance Sheet)?

      d.     Does the program connect to another Bookkeeping Application?

                      i.  Quick Books

                     ii.  Peachtree

                    iii.   MYOB

                    iv.   Another Application?

                     v.   If the program connects to another Bookkeeping Application, how does it work?

      1.An independent Conversion Module?

      2.Directly from your program into the Bookkeeping Application?

      3.Export from your program, then Import into the Bookkeeping Application?

      e.      Does the program:

                       i.  Keep Contact information?

                      ii.  Enough information and the information that you require? 

                     iii.  Connect to another Contact Management Application?

      1.Microsoft Outlook?



      3.     If you do not use a computer program that is unique to your business:

      a.      How do you originate/initiate a beginning business transaction?

                      i.  Do you make estimates?

                     ii.  Do you take deposits?

                    iii.  Do you write pro-forma invoices?

                    iv.  Do you just take payment and deliver products or render services and take payment?

                     v.  Do you produce Invoices and/or Sales Receipts?

                    vi.  Do you produce Purchase Orders?

                   vii.  Do you produce Statements?

      b.     What Bookkeeping Application do you use?

                      i.  Quick Books?

                     ii.  Peachtree?

                    iii.  MYOB?

                    iv.  Another Application?

                     v.  Does the program connect to a Contact Management Application?

      1.How does it work?

      a.An independent Conversion Module?

      b.Directly from your program into the Contact Management Application?

      c.Export from your program, then Import into the Contact Management Application?

      c.      Does the Bookkeeping Application:

                      i.  Keep Contact information?

                     ii.  Enough information and the information that you require? 

                    iii.  Connect to another Contact Management Application?

      1.Microsoft Outlook?



                    iv.  Connect to another Enterprise Management Application? 

      d.     Do you use electronic banking?

                      i.  How? 

                     ii.  Do you import banking transactions directly into your Bookkeeping Application?

                    iii.  How far back can you see your banking statements, electronically?

    1. 4.     Do you keep Inventory?

      a.      Manually?

      b.     Electronically?

      c.      Do you manufacture a product? 

      5.     Do you pay bills:

      a.      Immediately?

      b.     In time (e.g. Net 30 days)?

6.     How do you file the documents that you generate and that come to you? 


7.     Are you able to find documents easily?(We go into this in great detail during consultations!) 


8.     Have you considered filing documents electronically?

9.     Do you have an up-to-the-minute:

a.      Profit or Loss?

b.     Balance Sheet?

10.  If you do not have up-to-the-minute financial statements, do you know the balances on all of your accounts including:

a.      Fixed Assets?

b.     Petty Cash?

c.      Bank Accounts?

d.     Long Term Liabilities (Borrowing)?

e.      Payroll Liabilities?

f.       Equity Accounts?

11.  How do you want your financial statements to look (Besides looking profitable and with high equity!)?

a.      What do you want to see on the income line(s)? 


b.     How important is your Gross Profit figure? 


c.      Do you want your Expenses in groups? 


d.     Do you want to show all expense accounts? 


e.      Do you want to list individually your Fixed Assets on you balance sheet? 


12.  Do you have an accountant that serves you well?  Please describe what services your accountant renders and what documentation your accountant solicits to accomplish the work done for you. 


13.  Would it be helpful to you to know the profit on each Job or Transactions?How important do you perceive this information to be? 


14.What other data is important to the running of your business?What information would really help you to increase income and reduce expenses (make more profit)? 


15.Do you use financial Contact Data for marketing?(Much more on this!)